Trust Yourself to Trust Others





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Trust Yourself to Trust Others

It is with great pleasure that we’ve participated in the TRUST youth exchange. Through the various daily activities in Ortelle, Italy, we have worked together towards the following aims: 

  • Give young people the opportunity to explore their identity and understand it better while respecting that of others
  • Address all forms of discrimination to ensure equality and social inclusion
  • Enable young people to gain autonomy and self-esteem
  • Enable young people to discover their potential
  • Promote European and international mobility
  • Promote peace, tolerance, interculturality
  • Knowing your rights and duties and those of others as European citizens
  • Allowing diversity between participants to allow participants to feel comfortable in different settings and contexts


Christian Colombo - Youth Leader

“It’s been a great honour to spend a week with youth exploring topics such as the EU, migration, inequality, and active citizenship. The energy and enthusiasm throughout the exchange was captivating and fills me with hope for the future!”

Nigel Mario Grech

“A memorable week spent with great company from 4 different countries. An eye opening experience that thought me a lot on current affairs. This was my first Youth Exchange with the Malta Humanist Association and I’m sure it won’t be the last.”

Nicole Bartolo

“This project gave me the opportunity how to speak more publicly and to understand what are my rights as an EU citizen. Through the activities, I learned that EU should not be taken for granted but we should evaluate more its values. As a participant, this experience was a sublime one and it was also fun meeting other members.”

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