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Humanism: A worldview committed to self-reflection and maturity

[This article - download as PDF - was first published in SHARE 17 magazine by Philosophy Sharing Malta. A shorter version of the article was published on the Humanist International blog. The full version has been translated to German by Arik Platzek and published on...

The Pope Visiting Malta

Humanists do not hold religious beliefs, and thus often disagree with those who have a faith, and with the actions (or inaction) of religious organisations, now or in the past. Nevertheless, we welcome instances when the teachings of a religious leader chime with the...

Q1 2022 Update

Here is our first quarter presentation update from 2022

Slippery slopes are everywhere

We often hear of the ‘slippery slope’ in discussion of social issues. Some argue it is necessary to ban, rather than carefully regulate, eg recreational drug use or assisted dying, to avoid starting down this slope. If ‘slippery slopes’ are indeed a justification for...

Q4 2021 Update

Here is our fourth quarter presentation update from 2021

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