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Q3 2022 Update

Here is our third quarter presentation update from 2022

The Discussion Paper on Legally Binding Living Wills Published

Living Wills would enable competent adults to give instructions about the medical care which they consent to, or reject, if they are unable to make or communicate decisions at the relevant time. (They would not, of course, allow for requests for any treatment, such as...

Q2 2022 Update

Here is our second quarter presentation update from 2022

Beware Of ‘Scientific’ Scare Stories: Correlation Is Not Causation

An article by TVM news claims that ‘eating fish twice a week puts you at increased risk of melanoma’, citing a long-term study of more than 490,000 adults by Brown University in the US. What the TVM article doesn’t say is that, while the study indeed identified an...

A Secular Constitution for Malta

A welcome comment by Alfred Sant, questioning the constitutional role of the Catholic Church. As we have been saying since 2012, we believe the state should be wholly neutral on matters of religion or belief. Why would any Catholic (guaranteed freedom of conscience by...

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