Is-Servizz taċ-Ċelebranti

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Is-Servizz taċ-Ċelebranti

Bi storja ta’ suċċess kbir fil-qasam tal-attiviżmu – favur id-drittijiet tal-minoranzi, l-ugwaljanza, soċjetà sekulari, eċċ – fl-aħħar sentejn il-Malta Humanist Association bdiet tipprovdi ċeremonji b’sinifikat bħala tifkira għal avvenimenti importanti. Ċeremonji bħal dawn iqarrbuna dejjem iktar mal-komunità tassew b’saħħitha tal-Umanisti Maltin li tlaħħaq mal-2000 membru, u jippermettulna nkunu preżenti f’ħajjithom. 

Jekk Qed Tippjanaw li Tiżżewġu…


Nifirħulkom talli ddeċidejtu li tiżżewġu jew iġġeddu l-wegħdiet taż-żwieġ, u grazzi talli urejtu interess fis-servizzi taċ-ċelebranti tagħna. Jekk tkunu interessati f’tieġ umanist jew f’ċeremonja umanista ta’ tiġdid tal-wegħdiet taż-żwieġ, l-ewwel pass ikun li tagħżlu ċelebrant mil-lista t’hawn taħt.


Ikkuntattjawh direttament biex taraw jekk iċ-ċelebrant ikunx disponibbli. Malli ċ-ċelebrant jikkonferma li jkun disponibbli fid-data li tagħżlu, ikun hemm bżonn ta’ depożitu ta’ 50% fuq is-somma totali biex iċ-ċelebrant iżomm id-data.

Qabel it-tieġ, il-koppja jkollha laqgħa informali maċ-ċelebrant li tagħżel biex iċ-ċelebrant isir jaf il-koppja u jagħmlilha xi mistoqsijiet bl-għan li jkun jista’ jikteb iċ-ċeremonja. Iċ-ċelebrant jistaqsi lill-koppja dwar x’tixtieq li jkun inkluż fiċ-ċeremonja b’tali mod li din tkun imfassla għall-gosti tagħha. Imbagħad, ladarba tinkiteb iċ-ċeremonja, il-koppja tkun libera li tbiddel fiha kemm trid sakemm jidhrilha li ċ-ċeremonja tkun miktuba eżatt kif tixtieq. Meta tikkonferma, iċ-ċelebrant imexxi ċ-ċeremonja.


All our celebrants charge the same pricing. For bookings made in 2023, is-somma hi ta’ EUR350 għal ċeremonji li jsiru Malta, u EUR400 għal ċeremonji li jsiru Għawdex jew Kemmuna. Dan il-prezz jinkludi kollox u jkopri l-ewwel laqgħa bejn il-koppja u ċ-ċelebrant, il-kitba taċ-ċeremonja, b’kemm-il bidla jkun hemm bżonn, it-tmexxija taċ-ċeremonja fil-jum propju, u l-ispejjeż tat-trasport taċ-ċelebrant lejn u mill-post tat-tieġ.

Noffru Wkoll

Servizzi Funerarji

Jekk qed tippjana l-funeral tiegħek stess minn qabel jew funeral mhux mistenni ta’ xi ħadd għażiż għalik, iċ-ċelebranti tagħna jkunu hemm għalik mill-bidu sal-aħħar biex jaraw li l-kommemorazzjoni tiegħek tkun waħda li tassew iġġib il-qima li jistħoqqilha l-persuna onorata. Funeral personalizzat jaċċerta li l-persuna tiġi onorata hekk kif tassew għexet ħajjitha.

For funerals booked in 2023, our celebrants charge Eur300 in Malta, or Eur350 in Gozo or Comino.

Servizzi ta' Merħba għal Tarbija

Iċ-ċelebrazzjoni tal-wasla ta’ tarbija f’ċeremonja umanista ta’ merħba hi mod sabiħ ħafna kif tlaqqa’ l-ħbieb u l-familja mat-tarbija... uża ċ-ċeremonja biex tħabbar il-guideparents tat-tarbija, jew biex tgħaddi l-wirt tal-familja lill-ulied.

Baby Welcoming Ceremonies booked in 2023 are offered at Eur350 for ones done in Malta, or Eur400 for ones held in Gozo or Comino.

Bespoke Ceremonies

Ultimately, Humanist ceremonies are all about celebrating life events which are meaningful to the persons involved. So if you wish to celebrate a milestone in your life or a loved one’s, get in touch with us and we’ll be sure to deliver a memorable bespoke ceremony.

Contact one of our celebrants for a quote on a bespoke ceremony.

What if you can't afford a Humanist ceremony?

If you wish to have a Humanist ceremony but money is a problem, please get do get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to help out.

Humanists Malta members get €25 off quoted prices

Clients who are/become members of Humanists Malta, get a €25 discount!

Clients who become members get 50% off membership fee

If you become a member of Humanists Malta when you book your ceremony, we give you a 50% discount on your membership fee + €25 discount on ceremony price.


Marcette Busuttil 


Marcette wears different hats in her every day life. Sister to four siblings, mother of two – family is important to me and I am always there for them. Passionate about helping people which she does through hypnotherapy – which she has promoted for over twenty years; and helping clients to find their ideal job or candidate through her employment agency. Known as Mar or Marcy to her friends and even Mimi to her special ones, she realized that she was a humanist a few years ago and went on to become a celebrant, as like herself, she feels that more and more people today are turning to the humanist way of life and want to have meaningful and personalized ceremonies to celebrate the important events in their life.

She is passionate about books, music, travel, art, theatre, film, food & wine, trekking, to mention a few things (must mention her cat!). Always up for new experiences – she has sky and scuba dived and being a lover of fancy dress parties and fantasy creatures, has even been a mermaid! Her favourite quotes: “Always be true to yourself”. “Twenty years form now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by those you did. Explore. Dream. Discover.”and “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

Marcette conducts weddings, funerals, baby naming ceremonies, inaugurations and other humanist ceremonies in both Maltese and English.

Marie Clare Church


Marie-Clare is a Marketing Manager who works in a multinational company. Lover of books, she enjoys nothing more than ending the week with a nice glass of wine, a great novel or a thrilling movie.

She is also a great lover of food – choosing noodles and pizza as her go-to favourites anytime of day!

Being an ex-boxer, she is also a boxing coach and avid obstacle course athlete. She is also a fan of music and tattoos – having quite the canvas herself.

What attracted her to humanism is that ceremonies are personal and people oriented – moreover she believes that our way of life should be based on values, rationality and knowledge.

Gail Debono

Senior Celebrant and Humanist Celebrants Malta Coordinator

Gail is a forensic psychologist, a lover of books, languages, and cultures and hopes to pass this on to her daughter who is the focus of her life.

In her spare time, when not at a Foo Fighters concert, Gail may be spotted by the sea or under it, on a scuba dive or two, at the shooting range, or watching a good game of rugby.

She has lived in over 5 countries apart from her beloved Malta where she plans to stay. Gail was inspired to become a Humanist Celebrant by the fact that she couldn’t have a Humanist Baby Naming Ceremony for her daughter because there were no trained celebrants in Malta at the time.

Through becoming a celebrant she hopes to give the opportunity to everybody who wants to commemorate an occasion without religion.

Gail conducts weddings, funerals, baby naming ceremonies, inaugurations and other humanist ceremonies in both Maltese and English, and is a proud member of the internationally-acclaimed Celebrant Directory.

Anna Ellul


Anna is British and living in Malta, enjoying everything the Mediterranean has to offer. She loves nothing more than living the Café Society life and people watching in her spare time.

An ex-dental nurse, with a love for socializing, Anna gives back to society by volunteering at an animal sanctuary. One of her hobbies is rambling through the European country side as nature plays an important part in her life.

Anna became a celebrant because she believes that people deserve the opportunity to celebrate life’s important milestones in their own way without the need for religion. She is proud to be part of the Malta Humanist Association and would like to invite you to reach out to discuss how we can make your occasion a special one.

Raelene Galea


Raelene is the Head of the Acquisitions department at the University of Malta Library. With an academic background in management, librarianship, and teaching, she’s fond of books and research, and loves nothing more than to relax with a good read and the crackling of bonfires during a weekend of camping.

A lover of tea and nature, her good friend the hammock is accustomed to embracing her in a peaceful calm while she sips her hot drink or glass of wine, reads her books and licks up the sun. Chocolate, travelling, crafts and plants are also favourites in her dictionary.

She has decided to become a Humanist celebrant as she feels that people should commemorate life’s important milestones through meaningful and personal ceremonies; irrespective of their religious beliefs, culture and/or sexual orientation. To her, the opportunity of being part of such ceremonies is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a humanist celebrant.

Reuben Zammit


Reuben has kept himself busy as a volunteer in civil society and human rights activism ever since finishing his studies in 20th C Literature and Critical Theory. He also lectures English and Critical Thinking at the Malta College of Arts, Science & Technology, hating the paperwork but enjoying all the time he gets to spend having meaningful conversations with young curious minds.

His favourite hobbies include reading historically banned literature and arguing for gender-neutral bathrooms. 

Reuben’s main motivation as a celebrant is to provide a meaningful experience for non-religious people as he believes everyone has the right to celebrate their milestones without compromising their personal values. He is also happy to advise and help you choose any number of readings from canonical literature dating as far back as Chaucer to help celebrate your special occasion.

Available for weddings, unions, funerals, memorial services, baby-namings, and other significant life events in English, Maltese, or Italian. All he asks for is a simple lectern and not to be baked under the hot sun.

Code of Conduct

To ensure professional and high quality service, our celebrants abide by a code of conduct.

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