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Training course for an integrated approach on science and human rights education


Financed through the Erasmus+ Program, this project’s goal was to help youth workers develop better relationships with the young people they guide, with a focus on helping them become self-confident young adults. Participating countries were Bulgaria, Malta and Romania.

This was an excellent opportunity where we further delved into such important areas. If you would like to know more about the training program please see below and follow this link.

Finally, for those individuals who work in youth work and are especially interested in science (math, chemistry, biology, physics, technology and more), and human rights, and are interested in further information and resources about these areas, please reach out to us on!

Day 1

The first day of the Fab Future training commenced with introductions among the participants, followed by extensive discussions encompassing science and human rights. The first discussion included an explanation of the scientific method, followed by a discussion of the importance of distinguishing pseudo-science from real science in several contexts, such as when it comes to deciding ways forward for climate change.

The session progressed with interactive group activities, including role-playing various scenarios. These exercises further explored the intersections of scientific principles and human rights, touching upon topics such as how computer algorithms used in social media can nudge society in certain directions, as well as the ethical dilemmas in the pharmaceutical industry.

At the end of each training day, we made the most of enjoying Sinaia by exploring its neighbourhood. These walks also provided the opportunity for informal conversations and connections among participants from Malta, Romania and Bulgaria.

Day 2

Day two proved to be highly interactive, starting off with a quiz designed to gauge our understanding of science and human rights. A group quiz took place after, which utilised both our existing knowledge as well as our capacity to critically identify factual and accurate existing information.

We later put the skills we were learning to the test when we held a debate on ‘addressing bias and discrimination in science as a prerequisite for knowledge advancement and innovation’. This helped us think creatively and swiftly, which further enhanced our skills of critically analysing such important topics from a broader and more open perspective.

Day 3

The third day was dedicated to a Cultural Day, an immersive experience that involved morning and afternoon sightseeing in the picturesque town of Sinaia, Romania, where we visited three remarkable castles: Peles Castle, Bren’s Castle, and Cantacuzino Castle. Each castle tour was not only visually captivating but also educational. The knowledgeable guides provided detailed insights into both human rights (particularly evident during our visit to the torture museum) and scientific aspects (notably when delving into the architectural design of these buildings).

Day 4

The fourth day focused on a more practical and collaborative aspect, whereby we split into three teams and together proposed a way of targeting human rights advocacy through science education through different timelines of the past, present and future.
Later, we further ignited our creativity to brainstorm real-life problems related to science and human rights, and later possible solutions to such problems, by further exploring potential resources and ways to tackle such problems.

Day 5

The FAB training’s concluding day involved members planning their individual youth sessions using the training’s core lessons. Each member presented their session to the group and received further suggestions and feedback. Following this, everyone received individual feedback and their training certificates, marking the week’s end. We spent the remainder of the day enjoying each other’s company.











Day 6

Fortunately, us members from Malta had the chance to explore Bucharest on our last day, further enjoying and exploring the country’s attractions and sights!






























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