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Q2 2022 Update

Here is our second quarter presentation update from 2022

Beware Of ‘Scientific’ Scare Stories: Correlation Is Not Causation

An article by TVM news claims that ‘eating fish twice a week puts you at increased risk of melanoma’, citing a long-term study of more than 490,000 adults by Brown University in the US. What the TVM article doesn’t say is that, while the study indeed identified an...

A Secular Constitution for Malta

A welcome comment by Alfred Sant, questioning the constitutional role of the Catholic Church. As we have been saying since 2012, we believe the state should be wholly neutral on matters of religion or belief. Why would any Catholic (guaranteed freedom of conscience by...

UN Special Rapporteur

Respecting, Protecting and Fulfilling the Right to Freedom of Thought

The Malta Humanist Association has been asked to provide a written report to the UN Special Rapporteur on Respecting, Protecting and Fulfilling the Right to Freedom of Thought on the situation in Malta. Here is our submitted contribution.

Assisted Dying

“These are not easy decisions but in the meantime, people with genuine cases are requesting euthanasia to end their suffering. The lack of this right is tantamount to torture for these people.” 

“To protect the dignity and autonomy of the patient, the law needs to be precise and unambiguous – safeguarding the wellbeing of the patient and precluding the possibility of abuse.”

Call for Consultation on Reform

Our Opinion on the Maltese Constitution

The Malta Humanist Association called on its members to share their thoughts on how the Constitution of Malta could be amended to make it more relevant to modern Maltese society. Much of the debate centred around Article 2 which provides the legal framework for the close relationship between State and Church. Read a summary of that debate representing the collective position of the MHA on the matter.

Call for Consultation to Legalise

Cremation Services Malta

Humanism is an ethical worldview beyond the belief in the supernatural, and as such, we value the legacy of our beloved deceased, and the legacy that we ourselves leave behind which we believe to be the only real afterlife there is. To quote Carl Sagan, “to live in the hearts we leave behind is to live forever.” This is why, for example, one of our main missions is to provide the service for humanist ceremonies to those who ask for it, provided by trained celebrants, to mark important milestones in our lives in a very meaningful way, including providing meaningful funeral ceremonies.

Education & Ethics

In 2012, the latest National Curriculum Framework, drafted upon national consultation, was published. The Malta Humanist Association participated in that consultation, suggesting that ethics be taught in schools from a secular and philosophical perspective. This suggestion was supported nationally even through teacher consultation and the teaching of ethics in schools not only became legally binding in the curriculum, but has also been implemented over the past 4 years. Teachers have been trained and 2018 was the first time that students sat for a MATSEC exam in Ethics.

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