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In the pursuit of its mission, Humanists Malta applies for project funding, locally and internationally. 

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you’d like to participate or have any questions.

EPIX – Exploring Pupil’s Inquires on eXistential Themes

The project seeks to collaborate with a secondary school on deepening their students’ inquiry of existentialist themes beyond the curriculum. Students who participate in the project will benefit from a challenging course on existential inquiry, taught by experts in their field. Visit the project page.

This project aims to promote a citizenry capable of informed self-government by cultivating civic engagement and a scientific mindset. We also want to raise awareness about the direct connection between one’s critical thinking and the well-being of the society. Visit the project page.

Training the Trainer
It is with great pleasure that we’ve participated in a train the trainer course, which delved into: How to organize an Erasmus project from a technical standpoint. How to bring young people together through games and other team-building activities. Basic project management. How to appreciate and deal with different styles of communication in people. Visit the project page.

TRUST – Youth Exchange – Ortelle Italy
Through the various daily activities we have worked together to give young people the opportunity to explore their identity and understand it better while respecting that of others. Visit the project page.

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