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Humanism is important because we need to realise that Human values are a worthy pursuit to ensure the success of our species and its future generations. We understand that the responsibility for ushering this new future is within our hands and our hands alone, not in the external agency of a supernatural force, and this is more understood in communities becoming more and more pluralistic. In today’s realities, Humanism is a light that shines a path to focusing on our common humanity, rather than our differences, to foster democratic dialogue in better, stronger, freer communities.



RCF Scholarship Scheme

When the HM lost one of its most valid and strongest voices, Ramon Casha, we set up a scholarship fund in his name to promote education. The key notion being that all those who take interest in their own education should have the ability to do so freely. Through this scholarship scheme, we wish to focus particularly on migrant women who are doubly ostracised, both by their status as migrants, and by their gender.

Voice For Choice Coalition

Our worldview of Humanism is not a complicated one: Be responsible, Be respectful, Be rational, think for yourself and use the best thinking tools we have at our disposal, that is, Science. We are squarely responsible for whether or not we can relieve the suffering of this world and make things better for all of us. (continue reading our statement at Malta’s first rally for choice)

Assisted Dying

“These are not easy decisions but in the meantime, people with genuine cases are requesting euthanasia to end their suffering. The lack of this right is tantamount to torture for these people.”

“To protect the dignity and autonomy of the patient, the law needs to be precise and unambiguous – safeguarding the wellbeing of the patient and precluding the possibility of abuse.”

Sex Education

Adolescents in Malta are sorely underinformed about safe sex and sexual health. The Malta Humanist Association strongly believes that far more, unbiased and scientifically-based, sex education programmes are needed urgently in our schools. We are currently seeking funding to start a project in this respect.

Body Donation

The Malta Humanist Association fully supports and encourages the donation of bodies for the education of health professionals, and for scientific research. Click for more details.

Ethics Education

The Malta Humanist Association has been a strong proponent of the introduction of ethics education in Maltese schools. Unfortunately, to date, many schools remain without this option.

Constitution Consultation

The Malta Humanist Association called on its members to share their thoughts on how the Constitution of Malta could be amended to make it more relevant to modern Maltese society. Much of the debate centred around Article 2 which provides the legal framework for the close relationship between State and Church. Read a summary of that debate representing the collective position of the HM on the matter.


Secular Humanism is a non-religious worldview rooted in science, naturalistic philosophy, and Humanist morality and ethics. Rather than faith, doctrine, or mysticism, secular humanists use reason, compassion, and common sense to find solutions to human problems.
We promote universal values such as integrity, benevolence, fairness, and responsibility, and we believe that with reason, an open marketplace of ideas, good will, and tolerance, progress can be made toward building a better world for ourselves and future generations.

Cremation Campaign

Humanism is an ethical worldview beyond the belief in the supernatural, and as such, we value the legacy of our deceased beloved, and the legacy that we leave behind ourselves, which we believe to be the only real afterlife there is. To quote Carl Sagan, “to live in the hearts we leave behind is to live forever.”

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The Discussion Paper on Legally Binding Living Wills Published

Living Wills would enable competent adults to give instructions about the medical care which they consent to, or reject, if they are unable to make or communicate decisions at the relevant time. (They would not, of course, allow for requests for any treatment, such as...

Q2 2022 Update

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Ramon Casha Scholarship Fund

The Ramon Casha Fund was set up in 2016 to promote education to the most disadvantaged in society. The key notion being that all those who take interest in their own education should have the ability to do so freely. 

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I don’t think we should ever allow religion the trick of maintaining that; the spiritual, and the beautiful, and the noble, and the altruistic, and the morally strong, and the virtuous are in any way inventions of religion or particular, or peculiar to religion

Stephen Fry

The meaning of life is not to be discovered only after death in some hidden, mysterious realm; on the contrary, it can be found by eating the succulent fruit of The Tree of Life and by living in the here and now as fully and creatively as we can.

Paul Kurtz

Unfortunately, strong political affiliations, religious dogma, skin color, language differences and uneven wealth distribution have the power of separating us, human beings. These are cosmetic differences, some of which are unnecessary.

We are more alike than we think and if we support and tolerate one another, no matter where we come from, and if we plan for those who will succeed us, the world would be a much better place.

Vannie Pule

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