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Humanism is important because we need to realise that Human values are a worthy pursuit to ensure the success of our species and its future generations. We understand that the responsibility for ushering this new future is within our hands and our hands alone, not in the external agency of a supernatural force, and this is more understood in communities becoming more and more pluralistic. In today’s realities, Humanism is a light that shines a path to focusing on our common humanity, rather than our differences, to foster democratic dialogue in better, stronger, freer communities.



Constitution Consultation

Secularism is not about the imposition of atheism or  agnosticism, but rather calls for the separation of church and state, and equal treatment for all. We question why Catholic principles should be given legal precedence in our Constitution. Read more here

Voice For Choice Coalition

We are part of the Voice for Choice coalition. We do not promote abortion, but support women’s bodily autonomy and right to choose. Read more here

Assisted Dying

“These are not easy decisions but in the meantime, people with genuine cases are requesting euthanasia to end their suffering. The lack of this right is tantamount to torture for these people.”
“To protect the dignity and autonomy of the patient, the law needs to be precise and unambiguous – safeguarding the wellbeing of the patient and precluding the possibility of abuse.” Read more here

Body Donation

Humanists Malta fully supports and encourages the donation of bodies for the education of health professionals, and for scientific research. Read more here

Living Wills

Living Wills would enable competent adults to give instructions about the medical care which they consent to, or reject, if they are unable to make or communicate decisions at the relevant time. (They would not, of course, allow for requests for any treatment, such as assisted dying, which are contrary to law.) Read more here

Sex Education

Adolescents in Malta are sorely underinformed about safe sex and sexual health. We strongly believe that far more, unbiased and scientifically-based, sex education programmes are needed urgently in our schools. We are currently seeking funding to start a project on this. Read more here

Cremation Campaign

Since 1963 the Roman Catholic Church has not prohibited cremation unless it is chosen as a way to deny Christian teaching. With the support of Humanists Malta, cremation services have been legal here since May 2019. So far no regulations to govern crematoria have been established, but a crematorium in an extension to the Addolorata cemetery is under discussion. Read more here

Ethics Education

The Malta Humanist Association has been a strong proponent of the introduction of ethics education in Maltese schools. Unfortunately, to date, many schools remain without this option. Read more here

Recent Posts

6 days ago

Humanists Malta
📢 We stand with aditus and echo their call for urgent action! 🇲🇹 In March 2023, the Prime Minister said, “The enhancement of our equality laws needs to and will be put back on the national agenda,” but we have heard nothing since. The two relevant bills, stalled since 2020, must be revived to dramatically improve human rights protections in Malta. ⚖️As well as the creation of an independent Human Rights and Equality Commission, the legislation would have tackled a wider range of unfair discrimination than at present, including aspects of religious education, and in healthcare and the provision of goods and services. All victims of human rights violations in Malta, nationals or not, including migrants, deserve more than the current patchwork regime. The courts are expensive and slow, and the NCPE lacks sufficient legal powers and remedies. We need a comprehensive human rights regime now! 🚨We agree with Aditus that specialized attention to human rights and unfair discrimination should ideally remain distinct from public service accountability, as a concern far wider than the duties of public administration. Let's ensure justice and equality for all! 💪 timesofmalta.com/article/ombudsman-offers-human-rights-czar.1092676#HumanRights #EqualityNow #RevampTheBill #Malta #HumanistsMalta ... See MoreSee Less
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1 week ago

Humanists Malta
🌟 Join us for the launch of "Navigate the Intersection Between Science and Human Rights" 🌟We're excited to introduce this innovative guidebook designed for teachers, youth professionals, and care professionals. 📚✨Discover valuable insights and practical approaches to teaching the connections between scientific principles and human rights. Enhance your methods with new strategies and tools to make learning impactful and engaging.🎉 **Event Highlights:**- Gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between science and human rights- Receive a complimentary copy of the guidebook- Learn from the knowledge and findings of the Erasmus+ project🔗 **Event Details:** www.facebook.com/events/2688931261267664/?ref=newsfeed Don't miss this opportunity to transform your teaching approach and empower your students! See you there! 🙌#Education #HumanRights #ScienceEducation #Teaching #Erasmus #HumanistsMalta #Malta #SupportHumanism #Support #GlobalImpact #Collaboration #Humanism #CommunityEngagement #LocalImpact ... See MoreSee Less
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1 week ago

Humanists Malta
Though National Day Against Homophobia was on May 17, our commitment to equality and respect continues every day. There can be no justification for treating non-Maltese nationals differently based on their same-sex relationships or gender identity. LGBTIQ migrants and non-Maltese nationals still face significant legal and social discrimination in Malta. Despite progress in some areas, many are left vulnerable due to gaps in protections and biased practices. It's crucial to address these issues to ensure equality and dignity for all. 🏳‍🌈❤🌍 TOM Link: timesofmalta.com/article/lgbtiq-migrants-nonmaltese-still-face-discrimination-law.1092695 #Respect #equality #NoToDiscrimination #humanistsmalta #supporthumanism #support #GlobalImpact #collaboration #humanism #CommunityEngagement #localimpact ... See MoreSee Less
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2 weeks ago

Humanists Malta
Checkpoint Malta aims to raise awareness of, and address the stigma surrounding, HIV. Its main activity is free, confidential, HIV testing in Malta and Gozo. Humanists Malta stands with Checkpoint in its call for more realistic sex education, better sexual health services, and non-discrimination against people living with HIV in Malta.#HIVAwareness #SexEducation #HealthyLiving #EndStigma #HumanistsMalta" ... See MoreSee Less
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2 weeks ago

Humanists Malta
One of the freedoms we fight for is the right to choose to die with dignity. Support Voluntary Assisted Dying by signing the petition at: www.eumans.eu/voluntary-assisted-dying-fundamental-human-right #assisteddying #freedomofchoice #ethicaldebate #euthanasia #HealthCare #malta #nationaldiscussion #humanistsmalta #supporthumanism #support #GlobalImpact #collaboration #humanism #CommunityEngagement #localimpact ... See MoreSee Less
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I don’t think we should ever allow religion the trick of maintaining that; the spiritual, and the beautiful, and the noble, and the altruistic, and the morally strong, and the virtuous are in any way inventions of religion or particular, or peculiar to religion

Stephen Fry

The meaning of life is not to be discovered only after death in some hidden, mysterious realm; on the contrary, it can be found by eating the succulent fruit of The Tree of Life and by living in the here and now as fully and creatively as we can.

Paul Kurtz

Unfortunately, strong political affiliations, religious dogma, skin color, language differences and uneven wealth distribution have the power of separating us, human beings. These are cosmetic differences, some of which are unnecessary.

We are more alike than we think and if we support and tolerate one another, no matter where we come from, and if we plan for those who will succeed us, the world would be a much better place.

Vannie Pule

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