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As a member of Humanists International, we have found that increasing contacts with it, and some of its members, particularly those in Europe (living in widely varying circumstances) have been a source of encouragement, support, and information about international developments and advocacy which we could not monitor on our own.

In 2023 we:

collaborated with Humanists UK on an intervention at the UN on abortion rights;
– worked with Humanists International and EU humanist organisations on a ‘Humanist Pledge’, shortly to be put to candidates for the 2024 European Parliament Elections, enabling voters to ascertain which candidates support our values;
– made a joint submission, with Aditus, to the UN Universal Periodic Review of Human Rights in Malta;
– attended a Capacity Building and Networking project in Rome, organised by Humanists International, focused on furthering collaborations on professional services offered by Humanists around Europe;
– visited humanists in Berlin including two ethics classes, two youth centres, and a hospice;
– received a visit from colleagues in Norway to discuss humanist ceremonies;
– with Romanian and Bulgarian colleagues, started work on the ‘FAB’ project;
– agreed to share our experience with Romanian humanist celebrants who are just beginning to offer funeral/memorial services;

In 2024, we look forward to continuing international dialogue and collaboration. We shall also be working on a comprehensive contribution to Humanists International’s Freedom of Thought Report, a unique annual resource which looks at the rights and treatment of humanists, and the non-religious generally, in every country in the world. An update for Malta, delayed by Humanist International’s resource constraints, is scheduled for submission in early 2025.

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