Chaplaincy Service

Chapliancy Service

Compassion towards fellow human beings is at the heart of Humanism and with this in mind, we humbly extend a hand of companionship and provide an ear to anyone needing support:  a patient,  prisoner, anyone going through a life changing event, or any other challenging situation. This service is not only available to Humanists but also to any other person who might wish to make use of the service.

We believe that an individual seeking support should have the possibility of speaking to someone who shares their worldview. At the time of writing, Maltese state institutions such as hospitals and prisons, entrust pastoral care and support exclusively to the Catholic church – only if someone specifically asks for a carer of another religion or life stance, would such support be made available. Humanist carers are also available if specifically requested.

Our Humanist carers are accredited by UK’s Non-Religious Pastoral Support Network to work in various institutions including healthcare, prisons and the armed forces. This accreditation is maintained by a thorough recruitment process and assessment of the competencies required to do this work to an exceptionally high standard. Carers may come from all walks of life but they share a number of common qualities: a personable disposition, a non-judgmental attitude, a keen commitment to helping others, patience, and a strenuous ethic of professionalism.

If you have any questions, wish to use our services or join our team of volunteers, please get in touch with us via Whatsapp or call on +356 79 373 986 / +356 79 258 285 or through the contact links below.

Going forward, we wish to strengthen the service we currently offer in Malta by recruiting more chaplains. We are thus calling out to Humanists in Malta who would consider volunteering as Humanist chaplains to get in touch with us regarding a free course we will be organising over summer. This will be conducted mostly remotely (involving roughly 40 hours of reading, reflection, and writing) and will include a half-day in-person seminar in October. 

Sounds interesting?  Get in touch with us by sending us an email on “” with an introduction about yourself and why you wish to become a chaplain.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Humanist support and services such as those offered by a psychologist or counsellor?

As Humanist carers, our services are distinct from those given in psychotherapy or counselling as do not offer treatment or therapy. Rather, our purpose is to give advice and reassurance on an existential level, supporting service users with questions relating to beliefs and ethics and their worldview or lifestance.

Is the support and care you provide “professional”?

Our volunteers are trained in listening to those who request the service. However, they are not trained in psychotherapy or counselling so they will not attempt to provide any form of therapy.

How can I use this service in practice?

We have been in touch with Mater Dei Hospital and they promised to forward any request they receive for Humanist support. However, this has to come through a specific request and so far we are not allowed to do ward rounds as Humanist chaplains. Furthermore, should you wish to setup an appointment with a Humanist chaplain please contact us through the details below.

Can I volunteer to provide the service myself?

If you are interested in volunteering please get in touch with us through the contact form below.

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