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Body Donation to Science

Medical schools need human bodies to contribute to the education of medical doctors and other health professionals, and for scientific research. This is not a subject with which all are comfortable, but the Malta Humanist Association agrees that arranging to donate one’s body ensures it remains of use to others after one’s death, and is a generous and invaluable gift to society.

The University of Malta is always in need of suitable human bodies for education and research, and the Malta Humanist Association would strongly encourage everyone to register as a body donor. The procedure is simple: if you can, visit the University’s webpage Alternatively contact the Department of Anatomy on 2340 3289 or email

The Department is committed to treating donors, and subsequently their families, speedily and with respect. There are a few restrictions relating to acceptance of bodies (such as timing, or certain diseases or procedures) which the Department will explain to you.
When you die, if you have previously agreed to donate, the Department of Anatomy will arrange, and pay for, transport of your body to their premises. We have been assured that, once your body has fulfilled its purpose, the Department arranges burial (in the current absence of cremation in Malta) but does not assume you have any religious affiliation, and does not arrange a funeral or other religious or non-religious ceremony – though these can be arranged by your family if they wish.

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