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Why Volunteer?

Volunteering can be a highly rewarding experience. Our work is varied and we are involved in several humanist missions. Let us know what you feel passionate about and we’ll help you bring out the best in yourself!

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I have had such an invaluable time volunteering for the Malta Humanist Association. First of all, I always felt welcome and part of the organisation right from the start. All the projects I contributed to not only helped make the world a little bit of a better place but also taught me a lot. I got the opportunity to sharpen valuable skills such as content creation, research, and using different website layouts.

More importantly though, I had the privilege to do things that actually matter and give an immense sense of fulfilment to me, such as taking part in putting together and publishing research about the situation of Euthanasia rights in Malta or helping expand our outreach to the migrant community for our Ramon Casha Scholarship Fund (through which an immigrant woman has completed one language course and started a learning assistance course right after).

These experiences helped me feel that I am giving back to my community in a meaningful way. So I am eternally grateful that I was given this opportunity and for the patience with which I have been guided throughout my time with MHA.


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