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Christian Colombo

Christian Colombo


James Buhagiar

James Buhagiar

Vice Chairperson and Projects/Exchanges Coordinator

Edward Gatt

Edward Gatt


Gail Debono

Gail Debono

Celebrants Coordinator

Jacqueline Chircop

Jacqueline Chircop

Archives Coordinator

Marie Claire Church

Marie Claire Church

PR Coordinator

Raelene Galea

Raelene Galea


Joanna Onions

Joanna Onions

Statement Issuing Coordinator

Jackson Levi Said

Jackson Levi Said

Events Coordinator

Promote Humanism in Malta

Express the Humanist Position on issues

Forum to exchange Ethical ideas

Propose Legislation

Develop the Moral basis of Secular society

Engage with other Humanist organisations

Develop Ethical Educational programmes

Collaborate with other VOs with similar objectives

Improve the Conditions of Humanity

Organise Talks and other Events

Engage in Activities that support the Principles of Humanism

Our Mission & Approach

Humanism is a democratic, secular and ethical life stance, which affirms that human beings have the right and responsibility to give meaning and shape to their own lives. It stands for the building of a more humane society through an ethic based on human and other natural values in the spirit of reason and free inquiry through human capabilities. It is not theistic, and it does not accept supernatural views of reality. The aims of the Association are:

1 – To promote Humanism in Malta by encouraging a greater knowledge of Humanism among its members and the wider community.

2 – To elaborate, and express publicly, humanist positions on issues of concern.

3 – To provide a forum for the intelligent exchange of ideas for those seeking fulfillment in an ethical secular life.

4 – To propose such legislation as is likely to facilitate the achievement of its aims.

5 – To help develop, through open discussion, the moral basis of a secular society and encourage ethical practices within our own membership and the wider community.

6 – To engage with national and international humanist organisations, thereby providing its members with information and access to a wider world of humanist interest and cooperation.

7- To help develop educational programmes and online content focusing on secular ethics, science, history and critical thinking for members, their children, and the public at large as alternatives to supernatural interpretations of the human condition.

8 – To collaborate with other voluntary organisations in Malta, in Europe and elsewhere which have an interest in developing and achieving similar objectives.

9 – To take action within Malta, and within the world at large, to improve the conditions of humanity and denounce bigotry, intolerance, and the persecution of ideas.

10 – To organise talks and other events for humanists and the wider community.

11 – To engage in any other activities which are consistent with the principles of Humanism.

Our Story

The Malta Humanist Association was set up in a meeting attended by founding members Ramon Casha, James Debono, Philip Manduca, Raphael Vassallo and Godfrey Vella on the 7th of April 2010. An ad hoc organising committee was appointed to hold office until the first General Meeting that was held a few months later. The MHA offers two types of memberships: Associate Membership and Full Membership. Our facebook group, open only to associate and full members of the association, brings together a community of Humanists that share our aims. Since its formation, the MHA has been very successful in championing Secularism and Reason-based morality in Malta, including being a strong voice during the Divorce referendum campaign, championing LGBT+ rights, Supporting and contributing to the National Curriculum with regards to the teaching of Ethics in schools, training Humanist Celebrants and providing Humanist Ceremony services, supporting Marriage equality amongst many other contributions. When the MHA lost one of its most valid and strongest voices, Ramon Casha, we set up a scholarship fund in his name that would go towards a worthy secular cause in discussion with his next of kin. There is still a lot of work to do and we are hoping that with our colleagues in the Humanists International and the European Humanist Federation we can keep working towards a Malta that is based more on the foundations of Justice, Compassion, Reason, Diversity, Secular values and a respect for the meaning of the one life we have in the one world we live in.

Frequently Asked Questions

What ceremonies does MHA offer?
  • Baby namings
  • Weddings/Renewal of vows
  • Funerals/Memorials
  • Custom ceremonies

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Can I find support from MHA?
  • General spiritual support 
  • Support for those leaving religion
  • Supporting those whose loved ones are leaving religion

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How can I learn more about Humanism?
  • Vist our Facebook page and group
  • We organise discussions on relevant topics (youtube
Can I join or volunteer?

To become a member please click here

Volunteers are very welcome!

What is the situation in Malta regarding end of life?
  • At the time of writing, Maltese law doesn’t have provisions for a biological will. However, we provide an example here should you wish to express similar wishes.

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